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   Curriculum - Dott. Guido Nuzzello

   Born in Lecce’s Province in 1959, in 1978 Dott. Guido Nuzzello obtains the licence in the high school (“Liceo scientifico”); after some work’s activities developed also abroad, where he has deeped the french language's use, in 1981 he starts to work in the Italian finance police (“Guardia di Finanza”)..

   In 1984, after having attended at a two years course, he obtains the deegre of “Vicebrigadiere” and is employed in the fiscal verifies’ sector; after a brief experience at the chief of a territorial branch, he is transferred to the “Nucleo di Polizia Tributaria”, where he continues the fiscal sector’s activity.

   In 1991, sent to Reggio Calabria to develop some patrimonial verifies concerning the organized criminality, he asks and obtains the transfer to Firenze, where he goes on – particularly, after the qualify, in 1999, of “Verificatore Fiscale” – by the activity in the fiscal verifies’ sector.

   In 2008, after the specialistic deegree in “Consulenza Aziendale” at the Economy Faculty of the “Università degli Studi di Firenze”, he starts to work at the specific “Nucelo di Polizia Tributaria” institued in Firenze, where he comes to approach the new questions connected to the normative directed to face the illegal “money laundring”, with a particular reference to the fiscal crimes.

   Placed in leave on May 2013 with the qualify of “Luogotenente”, he has opened a private professional activity in Firenze, where he can put at the disposal of the tax payer the experience matured in the activity above indicated, with a particular reference to the fiscal controversies and to the normative concerning the “money laundering”.




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