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Legal studies

    The Law Firm (with branches in Florence and in Grosseto) addresses its activity to individual or legal (public or private) - particularly enterprises - persons and is able to work in Italian, English and French.

- Legal advice -

    The supranational projection (with the approach in the European Union law's key), characterizing the Law Firm's activity, comes from the increasing integration among the national legal systems (primarily, in the European area), in which (especially for the economic activities) the jus commune's forms' new emersion (also connected to the lex mercatoria) can be perceived and, for one hand, make always more integrated the legal systems' traditional scopes (requiring to coordinate knowledges in the civil law’s matter, or in the commercial law, at the light of the public law) and, for the other hand, induce the Law Firm to study the indicated themes in the supranational law's perspective.

   The Law Firm
is interested to the sectors of the civil
(also commercial), public (particularly, administrative) and (through Avv. Stefano Guglielmi's activity) tax law, especially with reference to the questions connected to the European Union's law and to the economy's and enterprise's discipline; the Law Firm can work in Europe with "corresponding" Law Firms (especially in Uk)

Administrative -
public procurements,
public services,
urban and town planning,
environmental -,
civil (corporate, company and contracts),
tax law

In the present website the Law Firm has a part (the "legal studies"' area) dedicated to the reflection on the legal issues treated in the same Firm's activity: the contribution is cared by the persons that operate in such a Firm, but is also opened to all the subjects that want to send (by email) their contribution, that will be checked and possibly published - The Law Firm is legally available for lawyer domicile in the Florence branch, in Via Venti Settembre, 44, 50129, Italy     -   Segui StudioLegaleFG su Twitter     -   Law Firm - Florence - (publications) - Law Firm (links) - Law Firm (documents) - Law Firm (Pec of Lawyer Vincenzo Ferraro - Italy) - The responsible person for the Law Firm is Avv. Vincenzo Ferraro (P. Iva - Vat number -, 01424720538) - Law Firm (persons) - Legal notestag: law firm Italy law firm Italy Florence Lawyer Law Firm Law Firm Italy Lawyer debt recovery debt recovery debt collection

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