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   Public Law - Administrative Law

   Environmental law

   With reference to the environmental law, the Law Firm offers an advice for:

   the procedures for EIA and SEA, pursuant to arts. 4 et seq., d.lgs. 3 - 4 - 2006, n. 152, both for public administrations and private entities who wish to have a clear and precise picture about the issues and the protection of their interests in those proceedings; questions of environmental damage under the current Italian and European regulations (particularly, art. 311, d.lgs. 152/2006);

   issues related to the regulations on the “waste” matter (especially with reference to the so-called "remediation of contaminated sites", within the meaning of d.lgs. n. 152/2006);

   in the energy's sector, with a particular reference to the legal issues in the environmental field for the installation of the electricity production with photovoltaic systems under d.lgs. 29 - 12 – 2003, n. 387;

   for the matters related to the right of the “landscape”;

   litigation's proceedings relating to the imposition of administrative sanctions for the violation of the Italian and European law concerning the protection of the environment (particularly, under articles. 133 et seq., d.lgs. 152/2006, especially in the field of the "waste" discipline).

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