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   Public Law - Administrative Law

   Tax law

   By Avv. Stefano Guglielmi activity, the Law Office can present a significant experience in the tax law’s matter. That experience is experimented in repeated and articulated practical cases in the controversies’ management in front of the financial administration. The Law Office, therefore, assists the clients since the tributary verify moment, projecting the overall defense’s strategy and evaluating the explicative memories, the drafts of the opportune instances to suspend or to block the financial administration’s requests or, in the matter of the penalties, by the means (provided for by the law) to reduce their amounts or through the recourse to the “Garante del Contribuente”. In the controversy’s phase itself, the Law Office defends the tax payer, drafting the claims to the judge or to the same financial administration and preparing all the opportune judicial or extrajudicial acts, both in front of the conciliation’s bodies and the “commissioni tributarie provinciali e regionali”, assisting the same clients also in the judiciary pronounces’ execution. This activity concerns all the kinds of tax or fiscal bounds provided for by the Italian, the European or the International law.


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