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   To ask a legal advice, it is possibile to "click" the below present link. This operation implies to read and accept the below indicated conditions concerning the advice's delivery through the email procedure.

Link to select for a legal advice
(this operation implies the acceptance of the below indicated conditions)

Conditions for the legal advice's delivery by email

   The present Law Office is available to deliver the legal advices also by email, or “posta elettronica certificata” (pec – certified legal email), digitally signed by the person that has redacted these advices. They can be done only in Italian or English and in the present website’s “homepage” matters. Who can be interested to this service can (“clicking” the above indicated link) only send an email demand to the same Office, specifying the requesting person's name and surname (and the question's essential terms) and alleging the useful documents. The Law Office agrees to answer within 48 hours (excluding the Saturday, the Sunday and the festivities’ day, according to the Italian calendar), specifying the requested honorary (on the ground of the matter's nature, according to the necessary time to enact the advice itself and considering the case's presumed value) and the times to make and send the same advice, that (excluding the cases with a particular difficulty, for which the Law Office agrees to inform the client) will be forwarded within three days (excluding the Saturday, the Sunday and the festivities’ day, according to the Italian calendar) from the email by which the same client answers the Law Office’s email indicating the honorary and the conditions to proceed.

   By its first answer, moreover, the Law Office – according to the relevant law – will have to ask the information to prepare the contract for the the advice's delivery. The Law Office agrees to inform the said client, when further or specific documents are necessary, or when a phone contact or a personal meeting is opportune to exam the same case. The choice to select the indicated link implies the acceptance of the present conditions and the consent to send the personal data to make the cited advice, in accordance to the Italian d.lgs. 30 – 6 – 2003, n. 196.

   The Law Office agrees to manage the indicated personal data for the mere ends connected to the same legal advice and, in any case, according to the Italian d.lgs. 196/2003.


Firenze (FI) -  Via Venti Lorenzo il Magnifico n° 26 - 50129 - Italy  

Phone (+ 39) 055 7477997  
- Fax (+ 39) 055 7478026


Grosseto (GR) -  Via L. Signorelli, n° 47 - 58100 - Italy  

Phone (+39)   0564 383646   - Fax (+39)   0564 27602



Email: clic on picture below






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