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Legal studies





Legal studies

   In this section, some reflections on specific legal matters are proposed.


Civil law

   Within the Civil law the Law firm proposes some articles about the:

   contract law;

   real estate law.


Legal psychology

   In this section, some contributions on legal psychology's issues are proposed.


Public law

   In the Public law scope the Law firm proposes some reflections with reference to the:

   Administrative law, for which the deepened areas concern the public procurements, the environmental law, the public services and the town planning law;

   Constitutional law, with a particular reference to the constitutional rights;

   Tax law.


Case law

   In this section, it is possible to find some indication about the case law, mainly, in the above indicated matters.


Conferences and seminars

   In this part, some "links" to relevant Conferences and Seminars are proposed.  

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